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Aorist is a tool for managing data in your organization.

Unlike many such tools, Aorist itself does not run in your environment. Instead it produces readable, intuitive code that you can inspect, edit, and run yourself. You can then focus on the hard parts while automating the repetitive parts. To get this, you just need a description of how your data is formatted and organized, and where it needs to go.

The code returned by Aorist is in the language and framework you're already using. But the result isn't just templated - it's rendered from an underlying AST with knowledge of the target language. The result looks too good to be generated, with steps deduplicated or broken out into functions when it makes sense, or inlined when it doesn't.

Behind the scenes, composable steps and snippets define the building blocks for the resulting pipelines. These are bound together using a sophisticated constraint resolver. Dozens of snippets have been defined so far, with more being added to fill in support for new programming languages and frameworks, and new data formats and services.

We use Aorist to get work done faster in consulting and research. We are actively growing it as we encounter additional use cases to support. If there's something you'd like Aorist to support, get in touch!